“Land of Giants”

39673746Have you ever been in the land of the Giants? Have you ever walked in places where lived divinities , heroes , magicians , saints and emperors ? Probably not , if you’ve never been in the Campi Flegrei Land. For more than 30 centuries, all the travelers that have visited this Land have contributed to spread its fame, preserving the memory of these places forever. The ancient Greek sailors were the first that touched our coasts, and they have introduced in the world this Mediterranean’s piece and its mysterious beauty. The Campi Flegrei Land is a large area with many craters, a lot of these are inactive, that form a lunar landscape inside and a scenic coastline. The vulcanic activity is not present from several century, but it’s still present a strong sismic activity (the last salient facts are the 70 ‘, 80 ‘, 83 ‘) accompanied by the presence of the thermal springs that are present in all the territory. The fenomenon of the fumaroles is very characteristic. They are giants jets of steam an solfur, affecting both the land and the sea floor near the coast . If you make a boat trip with friends is not uncommon to witness the phenomenon of the ” boiling ” of the sea due to these vapors submarines . On the origins of the name Campi Flegrei we are still disussed today. The name is clearly of Greek origin, and many scholars of the past have approached classical hypothesis, which means the term flegreo as “burning” (from the greek phlogos = burn); But the contemporary geology is sure that in the period that are dated the first Greek evidence in our area (about VIII Sec. a.C.), the vulcanic activity wasn’t existent. Historians of our day links the name “Flegreo” to the old myth of the goddess Flegra and the battle for the world domination between the Giants and the Gods of Olympus. Flegra is the land from whose bowels were born 24 Giants. Giants along with Titans fought the domination of ‘humanity to Zeus and his family. The outcome of the fight was uncertain for a long time,until the father of the gods instructed Hercules to drag away the Giants from their land which made them invincibles. So they were imprisoned in the underworld, where they guard the souls locked in Tartarus. In fact the name “flegreo”, that is wrote “phlegraios” in greek language, means Flegra Man, neither more nor less. Since then,from the birth of Western civilization, myths have merged with the story of the men who went from Campi Flegrei, leaving more or less visible signs, which have helped to create a beautiful and unique area. But nature has done its part, transforming part of this land, making as we know it today. More and more people are attracted to these places, because the variety of things to do and see are many, and meet the most diverse tastes. From one end of the Gulf of Pozzuoli, from Posillipo to Capo Miseno, you will find at every step culture, nature, relaxation, views, spa, flavors and fun. You can travel in myth with the heroes of all time visiting a lot of archeological sites that you can find everywhere. In Campi Flegrei Land there are Greek and Roman testimonies of the most important in the world. From Sibyl Antrum to Serapis Temple, from Amphitheatre to the Thermae, from Apollo’s Temple to the underwater city, from the Aragonese Temple to the Vanvitellian House. You can look some of this beauties from the street and they accompany you everywhere, even under the sea. They are part of the territory, and also you who live. If for any other land, this historical and archaeological heritage could be enough to be called special, in the Campi Flegrei is just the beginning. You will observe the colorful and confusing joy of the various markets that you can find in all the territory, where every day they offer products from the area and from the surrounding sea; on the counters are selling a bit ‘of everything’, from spices to clothing, through books, jewelry, and the food tastes great, fresh there. If you love the adventure do not forget to bring with you hiking shoes and diving mask. You can enjoy moments of genuine contact with nature with the many routes proposed by the wildlife sanctuaries found in Campi Flegrei. Guided tours of the theme parks, both terrestrial and underwater, you will discover the most striking and unique. The opportunities for relaxation are in every corner; For the presence of Thermal and warm waters, you can find thermal center open all the year, and during the summer you can give yourself many hours of sun and sea in our beachside. In the evening many beachside change image and turn into restaurants, dancing and lounge bar, where you can spend moments of pure relaxation surrounded by environments of rare beauty. You will follow the paths of Christianity’s oldest, visiting the many churches and places of faith flegrea; around here they have lived and stayed gigantic figures as the Apostle St. Paul and San Gennaro. San Gennaro found his martyrdom on the hill that bears his name, where each year (as in Naples) is renewed the prodigy of miraculous blood. Among the various old churches, there are some that was built on Roman foundations, definitely worth visiting! Finally you have a possibility to sample the delicacies of the cuisine flegrea; a centuries-old culinary tradition that is expressed in meat and fish are always different and always good, accompanied by great local wines known throughout the world. You will have the opportunity to undertake real journeys and wine of the highest level thanks to our cuisine and the friendliness and competence of our restaurateurs. A journey that will involve not only the taste, but also all the other senses. All this, and more, awaits you in the Campi Flegrei; Come and visit us, we’ll waiting for you! 

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